Three years on

Three Years on

It is December and is three years since we moved in. It has been hard but worthwhile. Here is a round up of before and after in pictures from around the house.

It cuts out all the hard work, arguments, mess, and just shows the ease from transforming it from office to home. There were many times when we had sleepless nights having no idea how to solve a problem we were faced with but we always did. It also ignores all of the boring, costly work that we did such as getting all the drains checked and repaired, mending the roof, insulating the attic, moving gas meters, electricity meters and boilers

Each of the headings for the photos clicks though to a full post. If you want to see more about a room and how we did get there and what we worried about then give the heading a click. Or you could just play spot the difference and see how many things we have changed between photos!


Front of house










Drawing Room


Garden Room



Dining Room










Guest Room


En suite and dressing room

Laundry Room 

Coach house

There are three other rooms but amazingly we haven’t photographed them, (an office, the attic and a dressing room) we have also transformed the garden but this will do for now as an update, many of the rooms have evolved from these photos but it gives an idea.

No photos of me as I was always doing the work or taking photos! apart from this one where I am lime washing the side of the coach house





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