Master Bedroom before and after

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was quite a challenge. It was the largest room in the house with windows to three sides and the most wonderful slanted ceiling. Sounds great? the windows all had bars up at them and the big large window which is west facing had a view of an office block and car park, it felt spied upon and not a sanctuary.

hide ugly view

The estate agent photos show the master bedroom as a blank office space (check out all the plug sockets!) with window shutters and vertical blinds.

main bedroom

By the time we moved in, the house had been a rental property to a family, they had tried their best to make it more homely and less office like. The keys to the window shutters had been lost so they were permanently locked shut, with the blinds trapped behind. We had to pay a company to come and un-install them (see previous post)


We also had a decoration scheme which was not to our taste, mint green walls, pistachio curtains and statement wallpaper.There were also strange office locks on the door which had to be taken off and repaired.

wallpaper in main bedroom
wallpaper in main bedroom

We quickly painted the room in Little Greene Serpentine, put our old curtains up (yes they are a bit short, but they were expensive, blackout lined and made to fit our old house, the fabric is sandersons Eltham Vine, you can’t have everything at once) bought curtains for the other windows from Ikea and moved our furniture in (charity shop find, it is a bedroom set by Alfred Cox for heals and cost us £50 for the three but that was 8 years ago)

245209616 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy - Copy



The window was replaced with a stained glass window (see previous post) fully hiding the view but allowing wonderful light in, and new window furniture attached. The chair is from one of the most innovative British manufacturers of the the late 50’s and early 60’s – Greaves & Thomas of Bond Street, London. A model 2076 lounge chair with a sprung seat and high back with gorgeous solid teak sculptured arms. I spotted it outside the back of a charity shop when I was dropping some stuff off, they said I could have it for £5. It is one of the dog’s many favourite chairs in the house. We also bought some linen tie backs from John Lewis



Once all the messy work had been done we replaced the old thin synthetic beige carpet and put in a thick carpet charcoal grey . Old houses can get cold and the thick soft wool carpet insulates the room, keeps it warm and allows it to breathe. Bare floorboards look great but nothing is as snuggly as a thick carpet under bare feet. The lights are pierced lights from the childrens department in Ikea they give off a lovely glow, we thought they were too good to restrict just to children especially at only £15 each.


We have just finished putting up the art, which includes another junk shop find, a Canadian Goose which I got reframed. There are still things we would like to get done for instance changing the radiators, getting new curtains, and putting more things on the wall, but I like these things to evolve over time as things find their perfect place. There is no rush, it will certainly do for now…






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    1. Happenuponsays: Happenupon

      Hi Jo, thanks for the comment.
      It was a 1960’s glass fronted cupboard with ugly frosted patterned glass in it and cheap carpentry and chipboard shelves, so we took the doors off, and chucked the shelves away. Not sure what would have been in the corner. we haven’t fully investigated the plinth at the bottom, it may be original or may have been constructed at the same time as the glass fronted doors. We may one day get some doors made for the cupboard.

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