Princess Kate’s great grandmother was our neighbour

Olive Middleton, A Royal Connection

When our house was built it was inhabited by the wealthy and important families of Leeds. Rockland, which can still be viewed from our windows and garden, was home to the Luptons. Francis Martineau Lupton and his wife Harriet married in 1880 and had Rockland built for them by architects Chorley and Connon. This was their family home and they brought up their children in the house, unfortunately she died in 1892 in childbirth. They had Five children, three boys and two girls. Sadly, the three boys were all killed in service during the first world War.

Rocklands Olive Middleton

Their daughter Olive was born in the Newton Park Estate in 1881 and grew up at Rockland. This is from the 1891 census.

Olive married Richard Noel Middleton. Richard and Olive are Princess Kate’s paternal great grandparents.

The Duchess of Cambridge inherited a great amount of wealth from the Lupton side of the family.

Olive Middleton, nee Lupton was born and grew up across the road from our house at Rockland(s), built and owned by her father, Francis Martineau Lupton.

Olive is the great grandmother of the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton.

To find out who lived in our house read about it here.


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  • Hi there

    Well done on your additional information RE Olive Middleton and Princess Kate. A wonderful photo too of the view across to Rockland.

    It is really nice to see that my December 2012 article from the UK Telegraph is included too!

    You might like to rephrase the lines underneath your big photo to make land ownership clear: “Their daughter Olive was born on her family’s Newton Park Estate in 1881 and grew up at Rockland. Her family had owned the land since the 1840s. Olive married Richard…….”

    All the best
    Mike Reed

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