Spring Garden 2017

People ask me ‘what are you doing this weekend?’…I say ‘gardening’.

This year we’ve been cracking on with some new bits of the garden, including planting 6 new trees in February and sorting out the big bed  at the back of the lawn in March.  Here’s the new back bed (below) complete with 3 Himalayan Birch Trees (Betula Utilis Jacquemonteii) and an Ornamental Pear Tree (Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer) all from Barchams Trees.  We’ve planted all the shrubs over the last few weeks, next we’ll get on to putting some perennials in at the start of May.  I’ve carried on a bit of a theme of mixing strong, zingy colours (red and lime greens) that we’ve got in the front bed.

At the the same time we’re seeing last years plants really starting to come through as many of the plants are into their second or third years, which has made for some spectacular mornings – got to love the Bluebells with the lime green of the Euphorbias and the red of the Heucheras. The Bluebells were about the only thing that we found already in the garden when we bought the house.

Anyway, here’s a few photos from all round the gardens on a beautiful late-April morning.


Here’s a couple more of of the new trees  – a Crab Apple (Malus Evereste) and a Rowan/Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia Rossica Major).  They seem pretty happy and the Malus is looking stunning.  The plan for this bit of the garden is NOT to leave it as lawn.  But first to get trees in and then to introduce more beds, a pond and who knows?….we’re just going to to see where it leads us.

This is a bit of an experiment. We’ve planted three different Clematis against some of our big, mature trees to see whether we can persuade them to climb up the trunks with the help of some string 🙂

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