House Bathroom Ideas

House Bathroom Ideas

We are tackling the upstairs of the house, which means bathrooms. There are so many decisions when it comes to bathrooms, flooring, layout, sanitary ware, taps, let alone colour and style. The image above is from a beautiful bathroom at Cragside.


The existing bathroom was functional and compared to the condition of the rest of the house, it was fine to live with. In reality though, we hated it. Streaky coffee cream tiles, badly plumbed in sanitary ware with massive gunked up bits of silicon, a rusty wonky radiator, woodchip everywhere and a pelmet! We are going to rip it all out and create a house bathroom. The space isn’t massive it is 2m wide by 3m long.

Bath or Shower?

We want this to be the main house bathroom – so we want a bath. However it will also be the guest bathroom so it needs a shower. How do we fit both into this space? We did consider a shower bath which always look clumsy in shape and you still have to clamber into the bath to shower. The final nail in the coffin is that we would like to put the bath under the window and we are worried that showering next to the window might damage the leaded glass. After a lot of searching and scratching of heads we came up with this plan.

Bath in a shower

Our preliminary 3D design – which we’ve done primarily for space planning, shows how we are intending to create the layout.  In the design we’ve moved the bath under the window, built a plinth for the shower and moved the basin and toilet nearer to the door on opposite sides of the room. We then started to think about doubling up boxing-in for pipes as useful shelves and alcoves.


Design wise the bath will be boxed in and probably faced with tiles, the same tiles as the shower floor.

The rest of the flooring will in an ideal world be floorboards but as ours are buried under big ceramic tiles we have no idea if they have survived.

If the floorboards are a mess then we will probably have lino. There are some great bold designs in lino (which I have pinned) and it is cheap and easy to change lino in five years to refresh the look.

With sinks and toilets we are debating going vintage (even second hand), plain modernist or maybe quirky (copper basin mounted into a table).

Take a look at the pinterest board for the collection of ideas.


All change we have ripped out the bathroom and learnt lots from doing the en suite so here is what it looks like now

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  1. Avatarsays: Leah

    Can’t wait to see your bathroom, been watching the lovely Pinterest board. Are you nearly there? We have been working on ours and nearly finished. Really similar room to yours so interested to compare approaches!

  2. Happenuponsays: Happenupon

    Oh Leah, we have got sidetracked into doing the dressing room and en suite first. The idea being that it would be better to have one functioning bathroom rather than none. Once we have done the dressing room and en suite we will do the house bathroom. Would love to see yours as we keep changing our minds about only having a bath or squishing everything in. Trying to be zen about it and know that the right solution will come.

  3. Avatarsays: Leah

    Ahhh… We have been doing our kitchen and bathroom at the same time so had neither for months!!! Our roof has also been underway (for the second time… Long story) so I know how it is… We went with just a bath and shower rail/curtain. That said, bath is in place but rail not yet and I’m a little concerned by how it fare when teenage girls who seem to spray more water round a room than on themselves come to use it! Not at home over the weekend but will post some next week… Good luck with dressing room and ensuite. Our kitchen arrives this week. Can’t wait!

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