Honestly it isn’t as big as it looks. People keep asking what we are going to do with all the space but it is only one room bigger than the terrace we are in at present. It has four bedrooms, a small bathroom, an attic, three reception rooms, downstairs loo and kitchen…hmm that sounds big now I type it out.  In my dreams I always wanted a separate laundry room a dressing room, a boot room, and we need a studio and office, see I am running out of space already.

One of the biggest decisions we have is what use each of the rooms will have.  It hasn’t been used as a house for some time and the rooms don’t fit. I don’t feel the need for a consulting room or staff room. The bathroom is small  and the kitchen is split into two areas.

This shows how we can create a large space on the ground floor (for kitchen and day-room) and 1st floor for Bedroom/Dressing room/bathroom – this is just by taking out the non-structural partition walls.


You can see from the floorplan that the attics are enormous, but only the front section on the right is floored and boarded, so there could in the future be two more big spaces to consider.  On the other hand this plan doesn’t show the two storey Coach House, which offers lots of options, or the outside toilet or the lean to…so maybe it is quite big!

Here’s a link to the proper .pdf  floorplan

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