Anaglypta and Lincrusta


Anaglypta and Lincrusta

Been looking at wall coverings and have been drawn to texture. I was never sure of the difference between anaglypta and Lincrusta but having ordered samples the difference is plain to see. Anaglypta is padded wallpaper which is foamy to the touch, it comes in some great options both historic and more contemporary and is good value (10m for £15 roughly) . I am drawn to the Herringbone perhaps for a bedroom but it would have to be painted in a natural warm grey.

I also love Egon painted to look like tiles.



Anyway Mr Penraevon is NOT convinced but he does like Lincrusta.

Lincrusta is completely different it is solid like flooring it is made of linen and linseed oil (it smells fantastic). It is indestructable and very hard wearing, it is also eco friendly, all this comes at a price (roughly 10m for £150).

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