Winter Garden

So here we are in the middle of December, a strange time to write a post about the garden, but I thought I should just to make sure I’ve got a post for every season?

We’ve pretty much finished blowing all the autumn leaves from the lawn and mulching them to put on the beds – the big Beech tree made a lot of leaves! (This photo is from 30th of October 2015)


But some of the plants in the garden are just coming into their own.  All of the following photos were taken today on the 13th of December 2015!

We have a Gladioli that is only just starting to flower:


The Cyclamen are just starting to perk up:



And these ‘daisies’ in a pot are still going for it:


The snow drops are just starting to push little green shoots through, and the Holly is looking great.  It was covered in berries, but mostly have now been eaten – we have a bunch of fat and happy little birds!


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