White house becomes Black house

Penraevon goes black

Finally the house has been painted. It was the first thing I wanted to do to the house (see previous post) but we had to wait for spring and the weather to improve. It was in the end done in three stages (got to love the British weather). Our painters Gary and Ian exhausted me of tea and coffee supplies as well as doing a fantastic job and even selling me their ladders!

When I told them I wanted the house painted black they accused me of being a goth (Leeds is after all the birthplace of the goth) and giggled. Gary and Ian would soon come to realise that I was right, (though it never stopped them giggling) the house needed to change from being a white house into a black house.

The campaign to paint everything black was previously discussed in a previous post (black or White), when we were deciding on the window frame colour. Black makes the stonework sing and all other colours pop, it also emphasises the beautiful leaded windows that we have painstakingly preserved and repaired.


To remind you here are the before shots. The trim was all painted white and the render had been left plain. Under the gable of the window on the left there is some beautiful plasterwork which doesn’t stand out. the white paint makes the stone look dirty.

245209895 Penraevon front

Penraevon Side elevation


245210088 245210136245210130245210134245210143245210524 245210137




painted black black windows


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