Trade Entrance in detail

quarry tile hall with stained glass door

I don’t understand why this little hall has taken you so long?

Trade Entrance in detail

The Trade Entrance (side door and hall) has taken a lot of attention perhaps more than any other room since the kitchen. It had been mucked around with over the years and by the time  we moved in it was a very narrow dark fire exit corridor (see something is not right). Four months later and we are nearly finished.

For such an inconsequential space it certainly has taken a consequential amount of work, it is in the centre of the house and used to direct all the different services in the house and when it was an office.

  • Tannoy system
  • fire alarm system
  • hot water system
  • lead pipes
  • doorbells
  • lighting

Main issues were moving the screen, mending all the original fancy plaster work, mending and replacing all of the four doors, removing lead pipes, installing heating, chasing in electrical work, restoring quarry tiles and mending leaded windows. We managed to do a lot of this work ourselves. This photo shows the room about a third of the way through. The screen is down, the side door and window changed, the quarry tiles on their way to being restored.


There are four doors in this small place and only one was original when we moved in. The outside door was replaced as a fire excape door, the bathroom door had been changed to a cheap wrong sized modern door and the door into the kitchen had been changed to a fire door complete with locks.  The one original door was part of the stained glass screen, it had been mucked around with and damaged but it still remained. All the doors had office type door handles.

Side door

We have covered this off in detail before (tradesmans entrance) but LOOK at the difference where there was dark now there is LIGHT.

Before                                          After


Screen door

Originally the front two family rooms were separated from the servants area and the trade door by a fancy stained glass screen. This screen still remained when we bought the house almost perfectly intact. The door had taken more abuse with broken panes a worrying bow and plywood screen to change the shape.  Mending the stained glass screen door ,meant revealing the true shape of the leads, removing the leaded glass, getting broken pieces of glass repaired, flattening the bow out and putting new bars across the back

Before                                                    After


Door to the Kitchen

This is the best photo of this door, it was taken to show all the work to rebuild the kitchen cupboard, which had been ripped out but the outside frame remained. The door is just a massive slab of wood, no features (unless you include the dead locks and the big sticker on it which said Fire Door). We always left this door open.

One day our plumber said he had found a door in a skip and it would look just right. I smiled and inwardly thought “no it won’t” I knew it wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be big enough, it wouldn’t have the same detailing as the rest of the doors with the lines on it and therefore would look odd neither original or new.

He was insistent so he brought it round the next day, for FREE. Do you know what I was wrong and he was right It matched our joinery style. We needed to cut the door down it was so big and it fitted in with the dado and other doors as it had the same line detailing.


Bathroom door

This was a modern cheap door, it was set on an angle and the door frame had been widened to encorporate it, this meant it bashed into all the other doors. We replaced it with a custom made door by Tansey joinery and then fitted it ourselves. the open section will be a new leaded window to match the screen opposite.

Before                                                   After



This photo was taken when we had all the alarms removed but it does show the carpet that was there when we moved in. Underneath were the original quarry tiles. It took a lot of elbow grease to clean the quarry tiles (to read how look at this post on restoring quarry tiles) but now the tiled floor starts outside the front door and flows all the way through the house to the back door.

Before                                                           After


The screen divide

This was moved back 60cm to the original position which gave the door its side window.


Ceiling Plaster work

When we moved the screen we discovered sections of the original cornice were missing. When the lead pipes had been adapted those pieces had been kept on the floor of the false ceiling. We were able to reuse these original pieces and stick them back up (once all the lead pipes had been taken out and the plumbing rerouted). There were also holes in the ceiling where the screen had been fixed and we also needed to move the light fitting to the new centre of the room.

Before                                                           After



This week the stained glass panel goes in the door and the painting of the ceiling, touch ups and final strip down and seal of the floor happens and then we will be ready to show you the after.

Here we go! Now when we show anyone our hardwork they think it was always this way, maybe we painted it and a new light but nothing else.


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