The art of decoration

The art of decoration

The secret to curating your own art collection is to acquire, create and buy art that means something to you.

We have always used art to create impact in our home. We have collected art for years it started with a few screenprints, exhibition posters, postcards, book covers and signed limited editions. Often given as birthday, Christmas or even Wedding presents. The ones we bought didn’t cost much, as little as £1 mostly around £10 to £40.


As we have grown up we have gone from clip frames to Ikea frames to now getting all our pictures professionally framed. We get all our prints framed at Pictures Plus in Leeds. Lucy there is lovely to work with and knows everything about framing . When I worked at Brahm we had a gallery, and that is when I first discovered Pictures Plus. They work with loads of galleries and artists and really care about the work. To get something framed depends on the frame, mount and size but expect to pay between £15 to £60.

We like to move the art around the house though some pieces stay in one place (normally if they are multiples). This is a collection of 1940’s book covers (Britain in Pictures) the covers are beautiful colours and have wonderful typography.


We have a collection of Paul Catherall prints. He did some wonderful posters for London Transport, these first attracted me I am a fan of wood cut and linoprints.


Not all our art is paper based. When my Nanna Queenie died, I inherited her embroidery so I had it framed. I have since picked up a couple of cross stitch pictures from charity (oh she would have despaired, there is no skill in cross stitch she would have said but it is of The Shambles in York). 245209807


My own art is also mixed into our collection a framed lapirologist a collection of butterflies preserved with words. Also a compendium of letters made of clay displayed in a typesetters tray.


We have been known to go to the pub and come back with art – the latest was a print by Drew Millward for Bundobust (One of the best bars in Leeds, they serve Vegetarian Indian tapas with craft beers).


So become your own curator and start your collection today, some of the places I look at to buy art are print club london, Counter editions, colours may vary, and how can I forget where I first started buying art Pictures on walls

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