Summer Garden

We’ve made our first tentative steps in the garden.  It’s big, it’s a bit weedy and while we’re focusing on doing up the house is not the number one priority.  But the garden was a big reason for buying the house so it’s hard to neglect it especially in the summer.


Most of it is lawn to the side of the house – and did in fact used to be a tennis court.  We’re surrounded by big mature trees apart from at the back.  We’re planning on planting some trees in front of the back wall (see picture above) in the spring.

The first thing we did was dig the borders out either side of the front path – here’s the beds freshly dug out at the beginning of April.  This was mid getting the bay roof done on the garden room, pre-painting the outside – and pre starting to re-seed the left hand lawn where it had been shaded by the Holly tree.


Then we planted some perennials – lavender, rosemary, geraniums etc.  In hindsight we should have made the borders a bit wider so we could get double the number of plants in – I’m wanting to go for a lush, cottage garden feel with a bit of height and a sense of coherent colours and shapes but with no symmetry or pattern in the planting.

garden1Once the work on the flat roofs was complete we could then tackle the two beds at the front of the house.  Again it’s mostly perennials for now – Hydraengas, Acers, Lavenders.


The bed on the left of the house is mainly white and pale pinks/purples, whereas the bed on the right is hotter colours, which look good for the summer against the stone:


It’s by no means finished and I’m looking forward to seeing what makes it through the winter and then getting going again properly in the spring.



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