Summer Garden 2019

It is so wonderful to slowly begin to have some more established plants. Many experienced gardeners would look on with envy at our bare plot nothing but grass and mature trees, but we were a bit overwhelmed.

Two years on and we are beginning to establish structure.

The hoops were a great idea, they enable us to create our take on a walled secret garden. The end point is to have climbing roses around the arches and a shaped hedge on the other side.

Foxgloves and climbing roses
two climbing roses are covering the back 17m long wall we used Adelaide d’Orleans as it is almost evergreen
trailing geraniums wind amongst the tall middle bed

Front Garden

With all this effort spent on the side garden we have only pondered about the front garden. It is very sunny but under the canopy of a giant beech which is planted on the North boundary, the tree makes the ground dry as dust in the summer and then dumps beech nuts, masts and leaves all over the ground in Autumn. We have deliberated ponds, raised beds, wildlife meadows, retaining walls, greenhouse but never settled on a solution.

We are going to attempt to scarify the top bank and plant with a wildflower dry seed mix to see if we can create a meadow on the top and on the bank. It seems like a low effort high return experiment but will it work.

We managed to do a bit more in the garden later in summer – read more here.

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