Summer Garden 2018

It’s summer and the garden is bursting with colour and buzzing with wildlife.  It’s three and a half years since we bought the house and this year we have really cracked on with the garden.   In the winter we divided up the big lawn and installed the hoopy railings as well as making lots more new beds.  We started planting in spring and have been adding bits and bobs all summer. The grass is now burnt to a crisp but the flowers are looking lovely.

Summer garden 2018

It’s year two since we planted the big back bed of shrubs and perennials – so it was always going to be interesting to see what came back after the Beast from the East. Well we now have a garden with lot’s of Geraniums, Veronica, Verbascum, Echinops and Achillea.  These plants seem to be pretty bullet-proof, self seeding and scrambling everywhere.

Perennial Border

We’re trying different grasses all over the garden but these have been a bit hit and miss in terms of coming back.

Grasses in sunshine

The new red bed by the railings is looking good and the Monarda (Bee balm) have clearly loved all the summer sunshine.


As have the Coreopsis…should have planted more!

The new Lavender bed is doing well, but will be a couple of years before we have a garden of purple loveliness.

Lavender Border

The star of the show this year though has been the new blue bed in the middle of the lawn – the Verbenas have just been brilliant.  Their height really works to interrupt your view giving more depth to the garden – and the Butterflies just love them.  This bed is also planted with grasses, Agastache, Monardas, Veronicastrum, Salvia and Scabiosa.

Verbena with Butterfly

Come the winter, we’re going to put in another bed and it’s probably time for Project Pond!…watch this space.

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