Repairing Stained Glass

Repairing the stained glass panel

We have a stained glass panel divide , it separates what would have been the family side of the house with the servants side. It has had minor repairs over the years but now it needs a bit of TLC.


Can’t really see in the photo but this stained glass has a broken pane, (left hand side near the top) and is severely bowed. What you can make out is that it has also undergone some home improvement work probably in the 1930’s/40’s

door frame

The rounded corners have been changed to straight lines and the size has been reduced.

Fortunately there was enough evidence of what had been for Gerry the Stained Glass man. He was able to take it back to its original shape.

To fix the stained glass he takes it apart, cleans all the glass (which is thick with old smoke tar) and puts new lead in. According to Gerry the lead becomes brittle over time and so it is best to replace it when reglazing.

Like most projects we are doing at the moment there isn’t much difference between before and after, but in the flesh it looks considerably better. We also put a new door handle on in brass and wood in a beehive style.


sparkly clean
sparkly clean
no bottom panel
no bottom panel



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