New Dining Room Window

Replacing new windows with old

Have you tried cleaning your windows?

A friend asked me one sunny Spring afternoon.

I knew what she meant our glass had a haze on it which made them look filthy. The truth was that the original leaded glass had been removed some time ago and replaced with cheap single glazed thin glass. Then at a later stage to make these windows stronger a safety film had been applied to them. Over the many years this safety film had got scratched and was all hazy. Her comment on the windows was the kick I needed to get them sorted.

This is a photo from when we moved in 2016, look at all that lovely trunking! and wonky radiator, all gone now.


Fortunately we knew how to get the windows sorted. We had used Gerry to do lots of our other windows. He takes out all the original windows (the top three in this case) and then recreates any missing windows using old glass. The windows are then encapsulated in a double glazing unit before being put back into the frames. The double glazing is made from toughened glass and K glass to help make the home more secure and also help thermally.

Here he is taking them out, and this is how they then looked on the inside and outside.


A week later he returned to put them back into the frames.

see what I mean about how hazy the middle glass was.


We are delighted with the windows, they are bright and clean. The yellow stained glass edging makes every day look like a sunny day, and when it is a sunny day shafts of yellow light glow around the room. They are very pretty




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  1. Avatarsays: Ralph Quito

    I find myself unable to leave your blog! I can’t stop reading it! I must say you have a very unique voice in writing, which I personally appreciate. Thanks again!

  2. Avatarsays: Risha

    I have to agree with Ralph… I am absolutely enthralled and can’t stop reading! Reiterates what I posted earlier that you should put this all together in a book!! The window is beautiful!

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