When will inspiration strike? another room needs decorating bring out the paint charts.

Fortunately we are just back from a holiday in Italy.

This gave us a welcome break from the house but it also gave us time to charge up our creative brains.

It is good to search things out for inspiration but it is also good to let it wash over you. So here are a few of the things that caught our eye on our latest visit who knows they might inspire you too in an unexpected way. The images are mostly chosen for their colour combinations but sometimes it is the clash of patterns or the materials used.

Maybe these images will inspire


look at that pink with the yellow and green with a marble chequerboard floor, all this was part of an abandoned 1920’s swimming pool changing rooms in Lucca.

Also part of the changing rooms, my camera has changed the colour as it was more pink, the mosiacs were little gold tiles with rich cobalt blue at the base

Pink and green in the streets of Monterosso a village in the Cinque Terre 

All those soothing neutrals are combined with lots of different patterns and natural materials


Pink and yellow

Marble with a bit of gothic – The brotherhood of Death and Prayer

colour and shapes

Yellow and grey in subtle combination

Yellow lamp base with a 1970’s lamp inserted in.

Bohemian excess with quarry tiles, this is a lot of inspiration for our kitchen and dining room

The Italians use a lot of copper for their drainage pipes, here a piece had just replaced showing it in its full copper goodness with the old tarnished copper above against the beautiful red. Copper and red with grey.

faded glory

blue yellow and red, I do love earthy colours especially when there is a bit of crisp white to clean it all up.

Stencil, fornasetti, ikat and stripes. Blue and white.


Obviously the other big inspiration was the landscape



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