Ikea Hack Tom Dixon Beat Light

Ikea Hack Tom Dixon style light

We are very fortunate to have three Tom Dixon Lights from the Beat range in our drawing room.

finished result
finished result

They are beautiful and the light is a golden glow. We wanted another light to put in the fireplace which would probably be hidden from view. We are also always on the look out to save money, so when we spied the bowls in Ikea we thought they would make a great Ikea Hack and would go with our Tom Dixon lights. Ikea Hack is the term for taking an object from ikea and changing it’s purpose to something else.


To make the light you will need some braided flex, a pendant fitting (we used fittings from Dowsing and Reynolds) and either a ceiling rose or a plug dependent on how you want to use the light.


Carefully find the centre point of the base of the bowl using a ruler.  Then use a centre punch to make an indent at the centre point to act as a guide for the drill.  Drill a hole in the middle of the bowl with a hole-saw bit.  Then simply attach the pendant and flex (remember to attach the earth wire properly if you use a metal pendant!). 245209749


Et Voila, the finished article ready to hang.

ikea hack

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