Guest Room Before and After

Guest Room Before and After

Da-dah as if by magic the guest room is finished. We are really proud of this room, it is so complete.

There is a LOT of old and new in this room.

First off the new , we have NEVER used wallpaper before, we have NEVER painted a ceiling black before and we have NEVER used gold leaf on walls but here it seemed to be just the finishing touch the room needed.

We wanted the room to feel dramatic but also reflect the view out of the window which is of endless trees. The wallpaper was supposed to make you feel as if you were standing in a forest. Fancy light switches from Dowsing and reynolds  (black plate and milled brass dimmer knob) lovely new old fashioned gunmetal grey cast iron radiator, Jacaranda charcoal carpet, and dark velvet Ikea curtains all sit quietly together

There is also a lot of old. The light was an amazing vintage ebay find, as was the Heals Mahogany chest of drawers, the antique liberty carpet chair, the 1970’s bedside lamps and the french gilt mirror.

But before you can glance at this wonderland, let us take you back to before.


It was woodchip from wall to ceiling all painted magnolia.  The journey to get from this point is discussed in full on the previous post Guest room .


The windows have really been transformed and become a feature with beautiful monkey tail brass furniture and their red stained glass.  It is impossible to photograph as it is so dark and the window is so bright but here are my best attempts.

The bit I love most is the gold leaf on the underneath of the windowsill and onto the window it really glows and catches your eye. Another finishing touch was moving the battered liberty carpet chair into the room. It still has all the original velvet and carpet upholstery and is looking rather worn.





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  1. Avatarsays: Emily

    It’s been lovely to catch up on your latest home developments. So inspiring. We are just starting to do our 1901 home which feels overwhelming so seeing your gorgeous home is really helpful!

    1. Happenuponsays: Happenupon

      Hi Emily, believe me we have often felt overwhelmed (but excited) as you can see from the three years on post it was not always been a great place and we didn’t always know what to do. When we first bought everyone who came round would swear and then say rather you than me, they stopped saying that a bit ago and now they say wow wish I could live here. You just have to keep the faith. At a down moment I wrote this which got picked up by a paper. Zen Rennovation. Enjoy the process you will be so proud when you look back :-). would love to know how you are getting on

  2. Avatarsays: Handy Squad

    Excellent article, thanks for sharing this.

    The room looks absolutely amazing, I especially love the dark and warm colour pallet you have used.

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