Garden Update – Spring 2019

Four and a bit years ago we moved into Penraevon. It was the middle of December and snow was threatening. We knew the house needed ‘a bit of renovation’, but also that it had a big garden that was just lawn, brambles and ropy old shrubs but with some magnificent trees. As you can see…a blank canvas that just needed a design.

The first thing we did (above) was plant the Portuguese Laurel Hedge. On hindsight the first thing we should have done was get an outdoor tap and hosepipe then plant the hedge. A few replacement plants and it eventually worked.

Back then, if you got the angle right and the leaves were out, it definitely looked pretty. But it was still just a big lawn.

It was time for to start the design process with some structure…trees. (OK at this point we had also cleared and planted the big bed at the back, sorted out the old coal hole, rebuilt the stone wall by the bench and added railings to keep the hedge company.)

Then it was time to join the trees into island beds and divide the garden with another big bed and some giant hoop railings.

So a garden was born – it looked lovely all last summer and autumn. A stone table appeared and also the trees being two years older/taller/fatter made a big difference.

The thing with beds is that they can and should always be bigger. So over this winter we have extended the beds. And no doubt next winter we’ll do even more. (That middle bed can definitely grow out to the bottom-left more!)

And finally this weekend we put in a path from the front of the house to connect to the side garden and we also finally gave the bench in the corner it’s own patch of gravel.

Next stop, planting all those brown bits up with some lovely new plants through April and May.

You can see how it’s looking in Summer 2019 here.

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