The Drawing Room


The Drawing Room

We christened this room the white room when we moved in due to its ornate white plasterwork, and fire surround but now we have nearly finished it we have christened it the Yorkshire room due to having sourced as much as possible from Yorkshire, but really it is the drawing room. It was obvious that this was the room that needed the most attention but it was also obvious that this would be the loveliest.

estate agent picture
estate agent picture

The windows are stained glass, the ceiling is all ornate pasterwork and it has a lovely inglenook (see previous post – a tennis court?). However the windows had bars up at them and the walls were all boarded in.

First thing we did was remove the boarded up fireplace but there was nothing left (see previous post).


We turned our attention to taking the security grills down and getting the stained glass encapsulated and repaired.


We then set about examining the walls only to uncover there was false panelling all the way round. We removed a bit and uncovered some lovely lincrusta, and also the original dado and skirting.

lincrusta and dado

To remove the wall we had to get an electrician to remove all the plug sockets that had been positioned on the panelling, and then chase in new sockets on the wall behind. The dado was all stripped and we briefed a local joiners to create copies of the dado where it was missing as well as make new skirting. The walls were then all replastered (see previous post)

The fire place hearth from Leeds was installed and the walls all painted in Hicks and Weatherburn paint . The floor was a French brushed engineered Oak from The Floor Store who manufacture it themselves in Leeds. We plan to hang wool curtains at the windows made by Moon fabrics who are based in Leeds.

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