Crown Lift

Sycamore trees get a crown lift

We are lucky to be surrounded by trees, many of them are very old and tall, however they can also reduce the amount of light we get. The neighbours have a row of self seeded sycamores which must be at least 20m tall (65ft). Sycamores have large heavy leaves which block the light, they grow very tall and don’t allow much to grow beneath them. The neighbours previously had a tree removed and we were happy to have these removed however removing the trees could have caused heave. The trees remove a very large amount of water from the ground so if they are cut down then they can cause “heave” which is when the ground swells due to excess water, this is the opposite of subsidence and can cause damage to buildings.

We therefore agreed to have the trees crown lifted by 9m. Crown Lifting means taking all the branches off at the lower level thereby lifting the canopy of the tree up. Living in a conservation area means we have to apply for permission to make any alterations to trees. Once our plans had been approved by the council we were able to get the tree surgeons in. The difference to the light levels in our garden has been dramatic. Check out the before and after











I was delighted that I managed to keep/salvage all the branches that were cut down to add to my wood pile. The wood will be seasoned before being added to the wood shed. I am getting rather fixated on my log pile.


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