Bye bye wallpaper

wallpaper in main bedroom

Bye Bye Wallpaper

Although our house had been an office for 60 years, for a short while before we bought the house it was rented out. The tenants had tried their best to make the house a bit less institutional and a bit more homely. Unfortunately this also had to go. Feature wallpaper is not my style or large printed graphics.


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I tried wallpaper stripper with a sponge in a bucket and a scraper which did work but was not much fun and it made my hands go funny. So for the next go I used a steam powered wallpaper stripper. It was brilliant and so much easier. In other rooms we have an abundance of wood chip wall paper to remove so I will be using the steam powered stripper. It wasn’t cheap at around £60 but as we have a whole house to do it seems worth it. Just need to decide what colour to paint the rooms now.

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