Builders Brew

Builders Brew

The things you don’t plan for when buying a restoration project is how many cups of tea and coffee you will end up making for all the different tradesmen.

They will get through litres of milk and you will have to buy a bag of sugar a week to keep up with their sweet teeth. I have also been known to bribe them with chocolate digestives, hot cross buns and Tunnocks wafers. Traditionally Builders brew was a term for tea (rather than beer) but things are changing has coffee become the new builders brew? But which is the real Builders brew tea or coffee?

Based on my evidence tea is the most popular with over 80% of tradesmen still preferring tea. 57% have no sugar in their drinks. Only 33% of them like a chocolate biscuit with their drink. I wonder if this is influenced by 92% of them being Yorkshire men and me making a very fine cup of Yorkshire Tea!

Joiners  – both have tea no sugar

Plasterer  – strong tea with tea bag left in no sugar or black coffee with one sugar

Builders  – two have tea with two sugars, one has tea no sugar

Roofers – both have tea no sugar

Decorators – one has coffee with 2 sugar the other has tea no sugar

Glazier – coffee with one sugar

Stonemason – tea one sugar

Electrician – tea no sugar

Plumbers – Coffee two sugars, tea no sugar




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  1. Avatarsays: Maxine

    Hi I was wondering if you have any tradesmen you can recommend? I am about to start refurbishing a Georgian house nearby.

    1. Happenuponsays: Happenupon

      Hi Maxine,
      How exciting there aren’t that many Georgian buildings left in Leeds so well done for snapping one up, you will have to let me have a nosey, I love old buildings. I am guessing that it will be a listed property so I would recommend firstly becoming a member of SPAB who have a brilliant technical advice line and are always at the forefront of ways to repair and protect old buildings. We only used one man trades, project managing the work ourselves as we were/are living in the house and wanted to tread carefully. I have a great builder, plumber and window/stained glazier that I can give you details of. Paul Green Builder/roofer 07892 662824, Dave JT Plumbing 07875 650199, Gerry Lovell stained glass / old window repairs 07765 775664. I do have Joiners, paving, railing and decorators if you want and friends have used RDF to manage a whole listed building renovation.
      Good luck

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