Black Hall

Black Hall

We have embraced the dark side and changed the paint colour in the hall. Welcome to the Black Hall.

The hallway is a dramatic space it has a beautiful tiled floor and an enormous window over the stairs (it is 2m by 3m) which looks out over the garden . All the woodwork is decorated in the house style with  three lines. It is impressive and quite large. A For Sale advert for the house from the Leeds Mercury Newspaper in 1895 describes the hall as follows: (read the full notice click here)

The Entrance-hall, Vestibule, Staircase, and Landing also display originality and beauty of design.

Stripping Back

When we first moved in we concentrated on making the space feel sane, it took a lot of hard work . We had the bones of an amazing space but the years had not been kind and decades of being an office had made the space feel cold and unloved. It was a red carpet, magnolia woodchip, draughty hell of a hall.

The tiled hall was covered in carpet , that was easy to lift up (we did it the afternoon we got the keys) but the tiles needed a bit of TLC (that means scrubbing on your hands and knees!).

We removed fire alarms, wood chip, striped the handrail, removed tannoy systems, and took the bars off the windows (you can see some of them in the window of doorway), we replaced broken stained glass pieces  . It was really really hard work.

Putting back the love

After taking all the rubbish out we set about putting things back in; a traditional radiator, new carpet, had the windows all returned to leaded windows (this time with the modern twist of double glazing), a vestibule partition and a gorgeous statement vintage light. We thought all this work would transform the space, and each thing we put in made the space just that little bit better than the last, and it was so much better than before, but it still felt a bit institutional. It felt like a dentist surgery or a vets!

Picture : Jonathan Gawthorpe

We Have a Black Hall

The only way to make the space look domestic and warm was painting it dark. The floor tiles dominate the space (and we wanted to make them stand out even more) so we felt that we should take the colour palette from the tiles which gave us the option of red oxide, yellow ochre, and a charcoal black and tints from this.  We settled on a custom paint mixed by Hicks and Weatherburn it is a gentle warm matte black knocked back with red oxide and yellow Ochre which gives it a dark bitter chocolate colour, warm black rather than cold blue black. It immediately made the artwork stand out and the stained glass POP, the colour also felt more age appropriate to the house. The space felt intimate and warm.





What do you think?

Check out my instagram and have alook at before and after for a contrast. We love it it and we are looking forward to winter in our black hall.





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  1. Avatarsays: Joe O'Donnell

    Absolutely amazing. I wanted to do this with my stairs but the other half said no. However, our house is much smaller so maybe it would have been too much.

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