Beds, beds, beds and more beds

WInter garden

So, as predicted the number of beds in the main garden has increased (see above). We’re now really aiming for this part of the garden to be mostly, well, garden and minimal lawns.

It’s come along way from the equivalent post a year ago which ended with the first image in the slideshow below, but started with this one!

Cutting out new beds is the perfect job to do in winter as long as it’s not too soggy as you end up with mud all over the lawn. I did all of this in January and February. I even got some Irish Yew, Cornus Midwinter Flame and some grasses in as well.

The rest of the planting will come in spring. I’ll be getting lots of grasses and perrenials from my favourite plant nursery, Dove Cottage near Halifax

Enjoy the video of the last 2-3 years progress, as photographed from the Dressing Room window – the last image is Feb 2020

And here’s a slideshow for those who don’t like videos

By mid summer 2020 it’s now looking like this:

Read more about our design and planting, and see what it looks like from within the garden here

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