Bay window Renovation

Bay window renovation

In the Garden Room, the bay window needed some love and care. The window bars have been taken down and the leaded windows removed for re leading and encapsulating. We are keeping the existing frames, it is just new security glass and k glass with the leads in between, all the benefit of double glazing with the look of the old windows.


As the window bars are fixed into the walls with wall bolts they often damage the plaster where they have been.


With this in mind we checked all the plaster, removing it where it was loose, all looked fine until I removed some badly put in plaster board above the window. Behind it was a rotten beam, it didn’t look good. The roofers were just clearing up as it was their last day on the job when I called them over to take a look. They removed the plywood fascia on the front of the house and behind it we could see all the beams were rotten.

We managed to get the roofers to fit us in the next week and up went the scaffolding.


The most distressing part was that the ceiling in the bay window had lovely plaster cornicing, all this had to come down. Unfortunately, the plaster work had been created by running in-situ

Running in-situ requires great skill and patience. A hand-made mould of the profile is pulled between guiding batons over wet plaster or cement to create the decorative feature directly onto the building. The use of wet material applied to a vertical surface at height combined with the intricacy of the design, the engineering required and the factors of drying times, weather, environment and materials makes this a rare process.

ornate interiorsĀ 

Not sure what we are doing with the cornicing there are a few renovation options, either buying off the shelf, leaving it as is, or getting bespoke mouldings made, but in the meantime we are getting the roof re-plastered.

They had to hack the plaster off then support the roof before removing all the cement that was making up the bulk of the roof now being supported on rotten timbers. One corner was not being supported by anything and just collapsed, it was a good thing we did this now.



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Looking forward to getting a roof back on! and getting it re-plastered.


The room has been re-plastered and the windows installed. The horror of the rot has been removed and the room looks like nothing ever happened.

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new fibreglass bay roof



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