Bathroom before and after

Bathroom Before and After

The better you get at renovation the longer it takes! The bathroom has taken five months, read that again 5 months. I don’t think you do get better but you just understand that if you are going to do it you need to do it properly and that all takes time.

Welcome to our Carrara marble and French grey bathroom with charcoal black painted floors.


When we moved in we breathed a sigh of relief when we saw that there was a bathroom, (not a standard fixture in an office).

It was clean, it had hot and cold water, it had a shower and a bath. However, the bathroom was beige, badly plumbed in, covered in woodchip (woodchip gloss ceiling anyone) , had an old leaky rusty radiator. The shower didn’t work, there were no plugs for the sink or the bath (I tried a universal plug it was crap  not very good). We did our best with what we had by hanging pictures, mirrors and putting in accessories but we knew it had to go. As soon as the en suite was finished and we had a room to wash in we began the work on the dreaded bathroom.




This is discussed fully in the previous post Bathroom Part One . Basically we wanted the toilet at the other end of the room hidden behind the door, the sink where the bath was, the bath under the window and then a shower in front of the bath. Confused? so were the bathroom salesman, the plumber and electrician. Fortunately we were sure of our plan despite all the naysayers.

We wanted to make the room feel timeless, taking aspects of a Victorian Spa (Harrogate Turkish Baths) but making it feel more tranquil. We had a few good things to work with, high ceilings and a beautiful leaded window which had red stained glass. The bathroom was small for the size of the house at only 2m x 3m (and a good section of this was under the sloping roof of the stairs). We had selected a mood board of Carrara Marble, charcoal slate shower tray, black painted floors, French Grey walls with an off white (see bathroom part one).

We disconnected the bathroom at Christmas and we have been working on it ever since. The reason it took so long was that we designed the bathroom and moved all the plumbing from its original place.  This meant First fix and Second fix.

  • First fix is where you have cleared everything out and you put in the electrics and plumbing where you want them and where they can’t be seen, which means going under the floor, or through the ceiling and up through the walls.

Then you repair all the damage of the first fix with plaster, decoration, tilling, joinery.

  • Second fix is connecting the plumbing and electrics, and is the final touches.

Another reason it took so long was that we were doing all the joinery, plastering, ripping out and decorating ourselves. The better and braver you get at renovation the more you take on. In fact it is quicker to say that we didn’t use tradespeople we used a plumber and a tiler (and that was because it was marble, which is a pain).

This picture shows the room at the end of the first fix. All the plumbing is in, the walls have been stripped, plastered and painted, the window has been repaired and the electrics have been moved. (Ignore the sink that is just a dummy sink we put there to check that the space planning would work -everyone kept saying it wouldn’t).

above you can see the shower tray and bath in place and the floor has had a first coat of floor paint and all the gaps have been caulked ready for the second coat of floor paint.

creating the frame for the bath to make sure the shower can’t leak through.

Above you can see the boxing in of the toilet waste pipe, with a neat little cut out for the pedestal of the basin to slip into (I worked out how to do that!).

The butt and bead is up, the boxing in is finished, the toilet has been installed and the cut out works perfcetly for the pedestal.

The tilling begins, here you can see the lovely pencil edge detail which we used to create a line from the skirting to the bead and butt and then the simply painted walls. Below you can see the ogee detail which we used to top off the tiles and also the bead and butt so it all ties in.


The space feels bigger and we now have a large walk in shower and a massive bath which you can lie flat down in – mmm. The shower is massive it is like we have a wet room.

The bathroom was first all tested out by our niece who came to stay the day we finished the bathroom! (talk about cutting it fine). The items we have put in are all based around the light pull we bought from Granby Workshop a smoked ceramic pull.

This created a very muted serene colour pallette of French Grey, off white and black, with brass and chrome metalics and of course a blast of red from the windows.






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  1. Avatarsays: Becky Day

    I’ve just discovered your blog and am loving everything you have done in your house. It looks amazing!! I live in Leeds too and moved into a Victorian mid-terrace 2 years ago and am itching to get started on some serious renovation. I’m wondering how do you decide where to start and what to do first and in what order? I literally need to do the whole house as well. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Happenuponsays: Happenupon

      Hi Becky,
      where to start, ahh the eternal question. Have a read of this it might help . I would say that practically you need to do the boring stuff first. Make sure the house is secure, make sure the house is dry, make sure the house is warm. For us this meant getting our roof checked over, gutters replaced and mended, drains checked, railings and a new gate, and getting all our windows downstairs replaced.
      The roofer was quite cheap to mend a few loose tiles and check all the rest but the cost of damage by water getting in is so so so expensive whether that is damp or leaking roofs. Once you have checked that your house is safe and dry then you can crack on. Are your electrics in the right place get that done before you do any decorating or flooring. Basically the last thing you ever do is the floor!
      love to see your house, let me know if you are on Instagram 🙂

  2. Avatarsays: Risha

    Outstanding!! I am absolutely loving your site and binge reading everything! PLEASE do let me know if you ever put all this into a published book as I would be your first customer!! Blessings, Risha

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