The Attic

So, we’ve started work on the Attic.  We weren’t going to do it so early, but the way things have worked out it makes sense to do it now.

It originally used to be the servants quarters (as we know from this advert for the house from 1895) and has it’s original coat-pegs and fireplace.  It also has two gorgeous stained glass windows that light the space beautifully.

We’ve already had power sockets chased in – next we’ll add a radiator.  Need to think about light fittings too.

In the meantime it’s the mother of all scraping, sanding and filling jobs to get it prepped ready for us to paint it.

Here’s the view looking the other way to the door and stairwell.



and here’s a nice arty shot – the camera makes it look a lot nicer than it really is 🙂




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