A Poet Goes North

A Poet Goes North

This is a beautiful film with the poet John Betjeman wandering the streets of Leeds. It is interesting to see that all the Victorian buildings he talks about still exist, Whitelocks has hardly changed at all and the Shopping Arcades have become more glamorous (see Victoria Quarter)!  but many of the modern buildings have been destroyed. I never knew about the Woodhouse Cemetery .

This BBC film wasn’t aired at the time of its production in 1968, for reasons that are not entirely clear. It was unearthed twenty years later on top of a cupboard at Leeds Civic Trust. Betjeman was one of the founders of the Victorian Society when it was set up in 1958 for the preservation and appreciation of Victorian architecture. This film is part of the Yorkshire Film archive.

Yorkshire Film Archive collects, preserves, and shows film made in, or about Yorkshire. Their collection is non-fiction, dating from the 1890s to the present day, and provide a rich and visually compelling record of all aspects of lives, cultures, landscape, industries, major events and everyday activities, many of which are available to watch, free of charge, on their website.

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