A New Path

Winter and early Spring is the perfect time for hard landscaping in the garden

It maybe to cold to plant but it is the best time to re-asses the framework of the garden. We wanted to create a more substantial seating area and a path to join the front garden and the side garden.

The style of garden is best described as modern Arts and Crafts it is aysmetric and relaxed rather than structured and formal.

We do now have some significant structural elements such as giant hoop railings but it was different when we first moved in. The garden was just a vast space of grass. We have put in hedging , railings, beds, trees and now paths.

when we first moved in


It is good to have flow in the garden, it wants to feel gentle and restful. Paths are primarily there to get you from one bit to another and the shortest distance should be best. But it depends what the purpose of the path is. If it is to get you to your front door or a storage area you want a direct path

however if in this case it is joining different areas of the garden up then you can afford to let it meander a little.

Choices of path

At the front of the house we have chosen Raj Green sandstone (a similar look to yorkstone but cheaper). It works well to create a traditional hard wearing path. Because we have so many trees it has very quickly aged. The photo below shows it when first laid.

The side garden though needs a softer treatment.

This path will join the front garden to the side it will not be the main point of entrance as the side garden is usually accessed through the house.

Self Binding Gravel

These paths are so unobtrusive you have probably never noticed them. At the most grand you see them at Palaces and National Trust properties at their most humble they are used alongside canals. They are strong enough to drive a car on, roll a wheelchair, pushchair, wheelbarrow along but more naturalistic than concrete, tarmac or resin.

Self Binding gravel at Sandringham

Digging out

We marked out the curve of the path and also a new seating area.

These areas were then filled with hardcore which was levelled out followed by self binding gravel. The gravel is flattened with a large roller which is wetted. This creates a solid base.

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