Where to start gardening?

A new house with a new garden

Where to start gardening? we have waited until spring has truly sprung before attempting any gardening. We did immediately put in Portuguese laurel hedge but this was for screening and to one day stop the dog being able to escape and chase the neighbourhood cats.

zen house restoration
zen house restoration

We are still learning what plants are in the garden, there is in the north corner of the garden a giant beech tree.


In January we were delighted by a mass of snowdrops

Snowdrops in the front garden
Snowdrops in the front garden

As these died back we were then swamped with a sea of bluebells.


We have now begun creating a border either side of the path up to the front door, we used the turf we cut out to re-turf another area of the lawn which was looking a bit sad after being shaded by the holly (the tree has now been cut back), this turf has taken well.



Our birthdays are in April and May so we received plants and trees as presents.



Now we are in June the plants have started to grow

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