Stained Glass

Repairing stained glass and leaded windows

Who knew that the tradesperson we would end up needing the most was a stained glass specialist. We were lucky to find Gerry who repairs and makes stained glass and is based in Leeds.

The first job he did for us was to replace some small broken pieces in the bathroom and the internal door.

The internal door had also bowed out and we were scared we would lose more pieces. The door had also been modernised sometime in the 1930’s and we wanted to return it to its original shape as it was blocking the back of the glass. Gerry took the whole door away to be returned to the same profile as the front and to fix all the glass.

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In the meantime, in the living room we decided to take the stained glass and encapsulate it.

We chose this route both for security and for warmth. The stained glass is very pretty but thin and easy  to push out of place. This is a downstairs window with a window seat so we wanted to make it safe and secure.

Fortunately the frames are in a good state, so we were able to keep the existing frames, but the stained glass must be reduced by 1/2 inch as well as being cleaned up and repaired. Gerry also removed the security bars which were protecting the window. Interestingly once he had done this it revealed that the windows opened inwards.

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The windows have had temporary glass fitted whilst we wait to see what they look like. Once these have been done we will get him to make replacement stained glass windows for the windows that are missing the stained glass. will update you when they come back

Presently they look like this!


Now they look like this! See the windows in full in the post about the room




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