Spring time 2015

Snowdrops in the front garden

Now spring is here we’re just about to get loads of work done outside.  We started with the railings and the gateposts.  Next the porch, guttering, roof repairs and getting the outside painted….let alone getting stuck into some gardening.  (read more about our theory of Zen House Restoration).

Thought it would be a good time to take a shot of what it looks like now, complete with our snowdrops!

Penraevon - Spring 2015
Penraevon – Spring 2015


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  1. Avatarsays: Mike Reed

    Hi again

    I have had considerable success with information on Arthur Lupton, who is the brother of Darnton Lupton and Francis Lupton; both of whom bought the estate from their brother Arthur in 1870, who was living in Headingley by then – maybe with his cousin another Arthur Lupton…..

    Francis had already purchased Potternewton Hall in 1860, having lived there since the 1840’s. Francis’ son Francis Martineau (died 1921) had the house Rockland built for him and he raised Olive Middleton (born 1881) in it. Olive was at boarding school – Roedean – until 1900 so she will not be on any census unless it is in the 1880’s.

    I have a map of the estate dated from 1875-80

    You seem to have Arthur’s death date as 1873 – this is his brother Darnton’s death date.

    It appears that the “Newton Hall” Arthur Lupton died in 1889. Do you have access to his death certificate.?

    I am keen to contact the City of Leeds archives and clarify the “Arthur” matter.

    Please do let me know you have received this information. Yours is a lovely house.

    My wife and I have an arts and crafts house here in Melbourne – but not a famous one like yours – on a famous estate too!

    Mike Reed

    1. Happenuponsays: Happenupon

      Hi Mike,
      It was my mistake according to my deeds it is Darnton Lupton who dies in 1873 and his sons William Walter and Sydney who take over his estates. These two with their Uncle Francis set up the Newton Park Estate and sell a plot of land to Franks who I imagine built the house which he then sells to Arthur Currer Briggs. Hope this clarifies. We would love to see a map of the estate as we have a coach house which it is suspected to be older than the house but we have no mention of it. It is also not helped by Francis Lupton dying in 1883 and appointing his wife Frances Elizabeth and his sons (another Fran!)as executors.
      Everyone who moves into the Newton Park Estate is very young, and they quickly go onto to have families who are just the right age to go to the First World War and all get killed. I do know that after the death of Francis’s sons Rocklands was changed to a home for orphans of soldiers, a tragic time.

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