New back door

Replacing an external door

We never liked our back door. It didn’t let enough light in to the room. It was too small (when they had replaced the original door and architrave they had reduced the size of the frame  so that a standard door would fit) and on top of all that it was also covered in office locks with a keypad entry which we didn’t have the code for. The final nail in the coffin was that once we had taken up the the tiles to reveal the quarry tiles the door was too short – we could have repaired it but it was time for a new door.


back door

Here it is on moving in day complete with bins and rubbish. It did look better once we had painted it black and tidied the veranda, (though you can see all the paint pots).


back door

We wanted something plain and substantial which was mostly glazed. We choose this hardwood door from Howdens.

Chris and Evan from Bare joinery fitted the door for us. This was not a quick job. All the old frame and casing had to be removed, the opening increased to its original size, a new frame inserted and then a case on to which we can put the architrave. Let alone putting in all the locks and door handles.







The new door lets in loads more light!

We’ve made some new architrave using our new router(!) to match the style used in the rest of this part of the house (the servants area has a simpler design to the formal rooms).



Now we just need to do some plastering on the inside, fit the architrave and paint the outside of the door black. Total cost was just under £500 with fitting which took nearly two days.


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