Moving the Gas meter

Moving the Gas Meter

We are starting the investigation stage of the kitchen. This means stripping away everything to investigate what needs to be done and what can be done. It is time to strip out things that don’t need to be there such as boilers, and gas meters. The gas meter is a giant U16 which were normally put into commercial properties or heavy need domestic properties. I don’t care I just want it gone. So the process so far is this

To move your supply from inside a wall to outside a wall you need to contact your gas distributor (we used this to find ours Energy Networks Association ). Ours is Northern Gas Networks ( they are not our supplier). They will provide a quote for moving the supply to outside only the distributor can move the gas supply.

If you have a small meter (u6 meter) then all is okay the distributor can move the existing meter outside (full reconnection) or you can get your gas supplier (scottish power, british gas, e-on etc) to connect to the new pipe outside (they do this on the same day) in a little box on the wall, no problem unless you live in a conservation area in which case you will also need planning permission.

We have a big meter which our gas supplier calls domestic U16 but our distributor calls commercial. All I know is it is big, and the pipe that feeds it is big. The distributor does not supply meters, so if we need a new meter the supplier must provide one. We can have the large G16 installed outside but the kiosk it sits in is big and we would have to get permission from planning as we live in a conservation area.

The final recommendation is to get a lower pressure semi concealed meter but this can only be done once the boiler work has been done by our plumber as he needs to decommission a boiler and instead install an unvented cylinder (which is fed from the existing boiler).

They also have spotted that all our supply pipework is steel not plastic so the garden needs to be dug up to replace the pipework from the mains gas supply to the house.

This sounds like it is going to take some time….

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