The Master Suite

The Master Suite

This may become two tales of renovation but it starts off as just one. We are turning one of the north facing bedrooms into an en-suite and dressing room. We will create a Master Suite an area of sanctuary.

We ummed and arrggghhhhd about where the en suite should go. Our bedroom is massive and relatively empty so would easily accommodate an en suite. But the more we looked at the space the less we could find an answer the room has a beautiful octagonal ceiling, and windows on three sides. Everyone agreed it would be a crime to divide the space if we could avoid it.




The stained glass was such a lovely feature of the room and we didn’t want to hide it in the en suite.

Anyway we have decided to split the north facing bedroom into a dressing room and en suite. it will still be big enough as a bedroom but has the beauty of creating a magnificent master suite.
We are putting it in here.




I have said it before and I say it again our house is the opposite of a tardis, from the outside it looks massive. People always ask how many bedrooms does it have? but it was only built as a three bedroom house with two further servants bedrooms. Now in fairness all the rooms are massive but there are not that many of them (we have no cellars, and the attic is only suitable for storage) . In the original listing the rooms we are dividing were previously two rooms. one was a dressing room and the other a bathroom.

We are returning them to that purpose and creating a master suite.

We have started creating pinterest boards for both but the en suite seems to be coming together more!


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