Where do we live?

We call the house Penraevon, but I knew from the solicitors that the Land Registry call it 4 Laurel Mount.

Two days before we move and I am busy contacting everyone we need to tell, HMRC, Bank, Insurers, Council.  I quickly found out this was going to be more of  a problem than I anticipated, when I made the first call to the council

Council :What is the address of the property you are moving to?

 Me: 4 Laurel Mount 

Council: Nope we have no details of that address do you mean Flat 4?

Me: No, perhaps you have you got it under Bushbury House?

Council: No, are you sure it isn’t a flat, we have a flat number 4?

Me: No it is definitely not a flat. Maybe it is called Penraevon,

Council: Yes it is Penraevon.

Brilliant, I thought as she explained to me that  is it’s official name and will be what it is called by Highways, Royal Mail etc as they all followed the same database (PAF). So I arrange for our post to be redirected to the new property but Royal Mail have no record of Penraevon instead they have us down as 4 Laurel Mount.

I then organised removal men but when they book it in  they tell me there isn’t a number 4. Is there a Penraevon? I ask. Nope, he says. Hmm okay is there a Bushbury House? Yes, came the reply. Great deliver to Bushbury House.

The lovely person at the council had given me a number for street naming and numbering so I gave them a call. I explained the problem. She looked at the system and said they had it as Penraevon and that was the information given to PAF. However maybe this was an alias name, she asked if I had checked the PAF file , indeed I had not so she offered to check for me. That is strange, she said, it isn’t listed as Penraevon instead it is called Bushbury House, but we definitely have it as Penraevon (not even an alias). Send me an email and I will look into this, she said.

So I have left the problem with Annetta. hopefully by the end of the week I will know where I live. It makes getting deliveries and telling people we have moved very difficult. It also makes me feel a tiny bit stupid.


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