Kitchen dining room before and after

It was better before!

We are big fans of a before and after, so here is our Dining room before and after with a twist. Not everything in the house progresses from worse to better. Take the dining room. It was the first room we camped down in, we had Christmas in the room. We entertained in the room, everyone congratulated us on making it look so homely.


We painted as soon as we moved in, straight over the woodchip, we needed a room to feel like home not a building site.

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Since then we have done up the Garden room which is our temporary dining room.



The old dining room has been turned into a workshop a building site, it is full of paint cans, ladders, power tools. It definitely looked better before but once we start on the kitchen dining room project it will look beautiful again, fingers crossed.

This is how it looked on the day we moved in

dining room


and this is how it looks now, certainly not an improvement!





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  1. Dear Mrs Mallett,

    I read the article in the Yorkshire Post which said that you looking for a lime plasterer. If this is still the case please take a look at my website which has some examples of my work. I have been using lime for 20 years.

    All contact details are on the website and please contact me at any time.

    Kind regards

    Nigel Chapman

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