Heritage Open Day

St Martins Church

St Martins Church was built as part of the Newton Park Estate in 1881, it features in the wedding of one of the previous residents of our house.


This year they are part of the Heritage open day . The heritage open day allows access to lots of buildings and places of historical interest with walks and talks. Heritage Open Days is England’s biggest heritage festival involving 40,000 volunteers. It celebrates our fantastic history, architecture and culture; offering people the chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – all of which are free to explore.

St Martin’s Church was consecrated in 1881 by the Bishop of Ripon (Robert Bickersteth) on Easter Tuesday, 19th April 1881. The Architects were Adams and Kelly of Leeds and the cost of building St Martin’s was £8,500. The church is built of stone from the Potternewton quarries which used to be in the vicinity of Sugarwell Hill.  The church originally had a seating capacity of 700 and was supposed to have a tall spire, and be surrounded by fields with footpaths to the south and north doors. The building of the tower began in 1897 but could not be completed due to a weakness that developed in the foundations. It was to be a new St Martin’s in the fields.  The drawing shows St Martin’s Church as the architects designed it. This is how it is now

I think I might pop by on Saturday and have a nosey they have some great murals by all accounts. They are open from 10am until 4pm.



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