Half Painted House

Half Painted House

We are getting the outside of the house painted.  We still had scaffolding up from the roofer which made painting the gable end easier, so we persuaded the painters to do those bits of the house first and then come back later to finish off.


zen house restoration
Old white paint with unpainted render
old white with unpainted masonry
old white with unpainted render

We decided to go with the black windows (see previous post on Black or white windows)  rather than white as it felt more in keeping, would make the stone stand out, look cleaner, help hide all the pipework, and be more stylish, the inspiration was the Liberty building in London, although this was built 45 yrs later than our house. Notice that all the window frames are painted black, the render is white and the sandstone left untouched. (The render is the grey knobbly material on the gable ends on our house – all the stone work is staying perfectly natural with no paint or other treatment).

Liberty London

Most of the painter decorators thought we were mad painting the window frames black and kept checking if we were sure. (By the way, what is the difference between a painter and a decorator?) Anyway, we have thought about this a lot more than them and it is our house, so black it is all going!

We had wanted a matt eggshell finish but were persuaded to go with oil gloss as it would last longer (the exterior eggshell is water based not oil based which the decorators think doesn’t last as long) so we used good old Hicks and Weatherburn paint in black (We do listen to the decorators about paint just not colour!) they also recommended using a substrate on the render to help the paint to adhere to the surface. So here is the first glimpse of how it all will be.

new black window frames with white render



We now have a half painted house, the back and the side is black with white render whilst the front is still white with unpainted render. Looking forward to getting the rest painted in a couple of weeks time (weather permitting). And I love the black window frames can’t wait to get rid of the white.



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