Building our own Log Store

Building a log store

With two new woodburning stoves we needed a wood store. We’re in the middle of getting the Coach House roof repaired so this has meant that we have a load of hulking bits of timber with rotten ends!  So we thought we could re-use the timber to build a log store.  Because they’re original Victorian timbers, they’re all nice Pitch Pine which is much stronger and denser than modern equivalents.245210970

I was thinking of using the old tiles as well – but then thought it was a bit overkill.  I have re-used an old pallet that the radiators were delivered on as the base – it raises the wood off the floor and allows for good ventilation.


So I got out my pencil, paper, hammer and circular saw.  I decided to go for a 15 degree slope on the roof (it just looked about right) and in the end bought some feather edged brown boards from Jewsons to make the roof with.

Here’s a during shot – with the uprights and the cross braces attached with nice big timber fixing bolts and just trimming and nailing down the roof boards.


And the last boards – look at the concentration!


Ta Dah! here’s the finished article, solid as a rock and pretty cute eh?  Total cost about £30 for the roof boards, extra timber, screws and nails.  Probably just need to give the old timber a coat of wood preservative and it should last a while!






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