Renovating and Restoring our Victorian house

As featured in The Yorkshire Post.  Penraevon is an Arts and Crafts Victorian villa built in Leeds in 1881.  The Pevsner Architecture Guide to Leeds describes our house as follows:

The most attractive is Penraevon of 1881…Again domestic revival but in stone, with a half timbered gable above an oriel window, leaded lights and pretty timber porch.

We’re writing a renovation blog for our new home. Over time, as we repair, renovate and restore the house, we’ll cover the products we use, the tradespeople we employ and how we explore the space and function of the house.  We’ll document what we discover about the history of the house, it’s architects, its features and quirks, how it was used, and even how it changed its name from Redbank to Penraevon to Bushbury and finally back to Penraevon.


We hope it will make an interesting read following the repair, renovation and restoration process . We also hope it will become a legacy which will live alongside Penraevon itself.

Happy reading! if you want to drop us a line email us at


Inside the house

Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen Splashback Creating a Kitchen splashback is a chance to add some drama and pattern to the kitchen. We considered lots of different materials…


Knocking Down The wall

Knocking Down The Wall The beginning of the transformation of the kitchen has begun. It has been a long journey just to get here,…

kitchen 3d

Victorian Broken Plan

Victorian Broken Plan – The Kitchen Open up all the spaces, knock down the walls, make everything open plan, has been the design mantra…


Windows, stonework, roof, paintwork they all need doing

Courtyard Paving

Courtyard Paving We have decided to get creative on the courtyard space. After lots of hard work this space is now a lovely South…


Crown Lift

Sycamore trees get a crown lift We are lucky to be surrounded by trees, many of them are very old and tall, however they…


who built Penraevon, when and who lived here


The four month push to get the Kitchen finished is finally coming to an end, so we hopped off for a week away at…

removing adhesive from quarry tiles

Repair Restore Renovate

Repair, Restore or Renovate When we started on this journey we used the words repair, restore and renovate interchangeably. We just wanted the house…

Chapeltown Carnival

Chapel Allerton or Chapeltown

Chapel Allerton Chapeltown Potternewton, Chapel Allerton, or Chapeltown?  What should we call where we live? Historically and according to the Royal Mail it is…


All the things we have found for the house

Marmalade recipe

Seville Orange Marmalade Recipe Marmalade Recipe This is a touchy one as everyone likes their marmalade slightly different. I like a tangy, fresh, thin…

i know a little place

I know a little place

I know a little place… When we are researching bits we get obsessed, it is all we talk about, look at, research and then…


From lawn to garden

Winter Garden

So here we are in the middle of December, a strange time to write a post about the garden, but I thought I should…


Crown Lift

Sycamore trees get a crown lift We are lucky to be surrounded by trees, many of them are very old and tall, however they…

Summer Garden

Summer Garden

We’ve made our first tentative steps in the garden.  It’s big, it’s a bit weedy and while we’re focusing on doing up the house…

Coach House

...or derelict garage
coach house

Coach house

The Coach House The coach house needs a lot of work. Inside there are still the divides and grooved flooring for the horses.  It…